At Kachergis Book Design we strive to design and produce each book with skill and care so that the design reflects the individual needs of the particular book. Every book designed by Kachergis Book Design is meticulously checked at all stages by at least two of our staff members. We believe and understand the printer’s adage: A book is made up of hundreds of details, none of which is important unless forgotten. Kachergis Book Design was founded in 1980 by Joyce Kachergis and daughter, Anne, with a goal to design and produce books for publishers too small to have their own in-house design and production department, and to help publishers of all sizes design and produce larger, more complicated books that would otherwise place excessive demands on their in-house design and production staff. This is still our goal and what we do every day.

We handle most books from edited manuscript to bound books, but some only through typesetting. We include the publisher/client in every step of the process from approval of preliminary costs through approval of text and jacket/cover design to approval of final corrections. Our design and production process is tailored to match the needs of each client and book, and we will be happy to answer questions you have about procedures.

In our thirty-six years, we have designed and produced every kind of book, including novels, poetry books, scholarly monographs, college and high school textbooks, encyclopedias, museum books, illustrated field guides, and children’s books.

Our goal is to understand and to carry out the publisher’s wishes for each book, and we endeavor to design each book with the care that it deserves.

We are especially proud of our close affiliation with the Catholic University of America Press. For over twenty years we have designed and produced the majority of their scholarly and often very complex books.

Since 1980, we have designed well over 2,400 books. Browse our Portfolio of Books to see a sampling of our designs.